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Remco Color–Coded Cleaning Tools

Remco Remco provides color-coded tools for cleaning and material handling where hygiene and safety are critical. The introduction of a food-safe poly shovel more than 30 years ago established Remco as an industry pioneer of hygienic design. In addition to its hygienic shovels, scoops and scrapers, Remco features Vikan's advanced line of brushes, brooms and squeegees. Together with Vikan, Remco supports color-coding plans by offering more tools in more colors than any other supplier. Remco also provides training and support to end users, helping ensure regulatory compliance. Our tools and expertise extend into the food processing, foodservice, grocery, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Regardless of an operation's size or complexity, Remco has the tools and expertise to help execute HACCP color-coding plans.
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