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Adhesives, Sealants and Tape

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Adhesives, sealants, and tape are used to bond, repair, seal, and protect a wide range of materials and surfaces. Adhesives and glues are liquid substances that hold materials together and prevent separation after drying. Caulks, sealants, and gasket makers fill gaps and seal joints to keep out contaminants and prevent leaks. Threadlockers and retaining compounds are special adhesives that hold mechanical parts together to resist vibration. Potting compounds and protective coatings adhere to parts and components to cover and protect them from abrasion, corrosion, and wear. Concrete and asphalt repair compounds patch holes, clean, resurface, and protect paved areas to improve their performance and extend their life. Patching and repairing compounds fill small cracks and holes to smooth over imperfections or to quickly repair a damaged surface and stop leaks. Tape comes in continuous rolls and precut shapes to seal, repair, wrap, join, mount, mask, and protect equipment and surfaces.