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Gasket Sealants & Makers

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Gasket sealants and makers join two mating surfaces together, such as flanged components, to seal the bond and prevent leaks. Gasket sealants, also referred to as gasket dressings, reinforce the seal of an existing precut material gasket and extend its life. Gasket adhesives hold the material gasket in place during assembly but do not have sealing properties. Gasket makers have good gap-filling properties and replace the need for an existing material gasket. RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) gasket makers cure when exposed to air at room temperature. They have a thick consistency that fills larger gaps in irregular surfaces. Anaerobic gasket makers cure in the absence of air and in the presence of metal ions. They have a thin consistency that seeps into crevices between tightly machined metal parts. Gasket-making tape replaces an existing precut gasket for an immediate, no-mess solution in sealing a flanged joint and preventing system downtime.