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NEWBORN Single-Component Caulk & Adhesive Applicators

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Single-component applicators dispense sealants and one-part adhesives that bond materials and fill gaps or joints between surfaces. They hold either single cartridges, sausage packs, or bulk forms of caulk or adhesive and apply a smooth, continuous bead to minimize waste and form consistent seals. Caulking guns are commonly used to seal around tubs, sinks, windows, doors, baseboards, and vents. Manual caulk guns provide a cost-effective applicator for small jobs. Air-powered and cordless caulk guns dispense caulk with greater control and less effort than manual guns. Air-powered guns run on compressed air and contain few moving parts, so they typically run cooler and weigh less than cordless guns. Cordless guns run on brand-specific batteries, which fit different tools from the same manufacturer.

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