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NEWBORN Dual-Component Adhesive Applicators

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Dual-component adhesive applicators dispense two-part adhesives that bond materials together. Also known as 2K epoxy guns, they hold dual-cartridge adhesives (one resin component and one hardener component) that mix together as they are dispensed. They apply a smooth, continuous bead to minimize waste and form consistent seals. These two-component guns are commonly used to apply adhesives in structural, automotive, electronics, and manufacturing applications. Manual applicators provide a cost-effective dispenser for small jobs. Air-powered and cordless applicators dispense adhesive with greater control and less effort than manual applicators. Air-powered applicators run on a compressed air and contain few moving parts, so they typically run cooler and weigh less than cordless applicators. Cordless applicators run on brand-specific batteries, which fit different tools from the same manufacturer.

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