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Abrasives remove material from a workpiece. They're integral to shaping and creating a clean, finished surface in construction, welding, metalworking, and machining operations. Sanding abrasives clean and smooth surfaces to prepare them for final finishing. Cut-off and grinding abrasives install in power tools to cut, sharpen, and grind metal, ceramic, and other materials. Abrasive brushes and wheels aggressively remove rust, mill scale, and weld spatter. Abrasive blasting fires ground media at a surface to remove paint and surface imperfections. Deburring tools remove ragged edges from metal. Sharpening stones and files hand sharpen metal cutting edges, such as knives and chisels. Buffing and polishing tools remove small scratches and buff wood, metal, glass, and other materials to a high gloss shine. Vibratory tumblers rotate to deburr, finish, and polish surfaces of small parts.