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Hand Sanders and Sanding Pads

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Sanding blocks and sanding pads help workers manually smooth and finish small, detailed, or odd-shaped wood, plastic, and metal surfaces. Blocks and pad holders allow for more control over pressure than power sanders, which sometimes remove more material than desired, or sandpaper sheets and pads alone, which may create uneven finishes on flat surfaces from the contours of a worker's hand. Sanding hand pad and sponge sets include pads and sponges in multiple abrasive grades ranging from coarse for removing material, to fine for buffing and polishing. Industrial sanding hand pad rolls keep sanding pads on-hand with ready dispensing when needed. Abrasive, hard-to-tear hand sanding pads last longer than sandpaper sheets, and are suitable for heavy cleaning, deburring, or finishing. Industrial-grade steel wool is available with coarse strands for removing rust and paint, or fine strands for buffing woodwork.

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