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Specialty Abrasives

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Specialty abrasives fit rotary tools to deburr, clean, smooth, and finish metal, composites, and stone. Bore polishers made of coated abrasive surface the inside of pipes, tubes, and cylinders. Abrasive stars made of nonwoven abrasive are less aggressive than bore polishers for finishing. Cross buffs smooth light imperfections on the interior surface of a cylinder. Cross pads conform to the inside of a cylinder as the cylinder dimension changes. Overlap slotted discs have more abrasive surface area than cross pads and conform to the inside of a tube or pipe to smooth the surface as the tool is moved in and out of the recess. Square pads smooth channels and grind and blend surface imperfections such as fillet welds. Rotary flap peen assemblies increase the strength of metal to reduce the risk of fracture and cracking.