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Abrasive Brushes

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Abrasive brushes are made with coarse strands of material and are used with power tools to polish, deburr, clean, smooth, finish, or buff surfaces, as well as remove rust, scale, paint, and welding spatter. Wire wheel brushes cover small surfaces and workpieces with protruding pieces or recessed areas. Cup brushes have bristles in a ring to cover large, contoured surfaces. End brushes have a narrow head of compact bristles that fit into pipes, recessed sections of workpieces, and molds. Disc brushes cover large flat areas. Power tube brushes clean and deburr blind, through, smooth, and threaded holes of machined workpieces. Honing brushes have nylon bristles with abrasive-embedded spheres at the ends to finish and clean bores of oxidation and other surface contaminants.