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Backing Pads & Fasteners

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Backing pads install on an angle grinder, orbital sander, or rotary tool and have a flat, stable surface that supports an abrasive disc to provide a smooth, even finish. Quick-change backing pads allow discs to be changed without the use of tools. Hook-and-loop backing pads work with compatible hook-and-loop backed discs and are quick to change without tools. Adhesive-backed backing pads have a smooth surface to hold compatible adhesive-backed discs more securely than hook-and-loop discs, though they cannot be reapplied after removal. Fiber disc backing pads secure fiber discs using a nut that requires tools to change out. Fiber disc face plates and hubs work together to speed disc changing over standard fiber disc backing pads. Cut-off and grinding wheel flanges secure cut-off and grinding wheels to angle grinders.