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Manage Your MSDS/SDS Library Electronically

MSDS Complete puts you in control of your material safety data sheets and helps you comply with the new GHS (Global Harmonization Standards). This tool will help you manage your paper-based binders efficiently and effectively. The tool can serve as your “one-source-of-truth” repository of master MSDS / SDS sheets, which you can batch print at any time to update your paper-based binders.

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Please call 855-5eSafety (855-537-2338) for more information.


MSDS Complete, 4.5 million MSDS sheets out of the box.

GHS TrainingYou’ll be notified automatically as the latest GHS-compliant SDS sheets become available for any MSDS the sheets you have in your ebinder.

You can buy Grainger MSDS Complete as an "add-on" to your Grainger Online SafetyManager subscription (5ZZY8). Or you can purchase the "stand-alone" version, which does not require an Online SafetyManager subscription (5ZZY9).

MSDS Complete is an administrative tool designed to help you manage MSDS sheet library. Purchase of an MSDS Complete Add-On (5zzy8) or MSDS Complete Stand-Alone (5zzy9) subscription entitles one person to access and use the service for one year. Limit of 5 subscriptions per company per year. If you would like employees to have access to your ebinder electronically, additional options are available.

Grainger MSDS Complete
Add-On $249
(Requires a subscription to Grainger
Online SafetyManager 5ZZZ1)

Grainger MSDS Complete

Stand Alone $449

Click here to learn more about the new GHS (Global Harmonization Standards) and
how Grainger can help you meet the 2013 OSHA-mandated GHS Training!

Grainger® Online SafetyManagersm: MSDS Management Features

Features Online SafetyManager Online SafetyManager with MSDS Complete
MSDS Search Features
24x7 Access to MSDSonline Database
Multi-Language Search Interface
Open & View MSDSs
Print MSDSs
Request Missing MSDSs (Max. 25/year)
MSDS Management Features
Save MSDSs to Secure eBinder  
Search & Sort eBinder  
Auto-Update New Versions  
Assign & Manage Products to
Multi-Level (Customizable) Locations
Assign Products to Custom Groups  
Add Unique Product Synonyms  
Generate Product Summary Sheets  
Mark Products Active or Inactive  
Archive MSDS Versions  
Generate Exportable Inventory Reports  

*Training courses sold separately.

Applicable terms and conditions include, without limitation, the Master Subscription Agreement, as set forth at Fees are based on services purchased and not actual usage; payment obligations and user subscriptions are non-cancelable and fees paid are non-refundable.