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Why Grainger

Why Grainger

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Inventory Management
KeepStock Solution Selector

Because No One Solution is Right for Every Business

At Grainger, KeepStock® solutions mean managing inventory the right way. Anything less will not help you get the cost reductions, productivity gains or stockroom improvements that you’re looking for. That’s why Grainger offers a variety of KeepStock® solutions—because we know your business has unique challenges and goals.


What’s In It For You?

  • Avoid stock-outs of critical products
  • Better data intelligence, reporting and tracking
  • Improve inventory processes
  • Reduce complexity in purchasing and managing inventory
  • Reduce loss and avoid waste of frequently used products
  • Financial savings and more working capital to invest back into your business

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  • Identifying Your Inventory Needs
  • One System Supports Your Solutions
  • Identifying Your Inventory Needs

    A Grainger Rep will work with you to find the best KeepStock® solution to help you meet your inventory management goals. We’ll continue to support and work with you after the solution is up and running to make sure you’re on the right track with making the most of your inventory management. All software, machines and support are provided through Grainger as part of our goal to help you manage your inventory effectively.

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Grainger KeepStock® solutions are subject to customer eligibility and agreements.