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Inventory Management

Get control of your inventory and help take costs out of your business.

10% Of Inventory Sits On Shelves and Never Gets Used
90% Of MRO Inventory Items Are Issued Fewer Than Six Times A Year
85% Of MRO Inventory Items Have An On-Hand Value Of Less Than $200

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Inventory Management
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Want to Get More Out of Your Inventory?

Take Costs Out

Managing inventory is one of the best opportunities to help take costs out of your business. Don't let your money sit on your shelf! Learn how KeepStock® solutions can help you save time, money and space.

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  • Why Inventory Management
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  • Why Inventory Management

    There’s no room for waste when it comes down to your inventory. Too much inventory and you run the risk of waste and money sitting on your shelves. Too little and you may end up dealing with delayed production, or worse. With the right solution and support, Grainger can help you take costs out of your business—saving you time, money and space.

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*Source: Grainger Consulting Services.