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Get Ready for Frigid Temps & Winter Storms
Winter Essentials Cold Stress

Winter storms are an expected seasonal event in many areas of the country, but a more intense winter storm can still immobilize an entire region. Regions not typically impacted can be subjected to freezing temperatures and ice storms—leading to power outages, road closures, damaged buildings and surge challenges. Grainger has the supplies and resources you need to help you prepare, respond and recover should winter storms or freezing temperatures occur. Check out the products and resources below to help ensure you have everything you need to help keep your employees safe and business running this winter.

Prepare for Winter Storms
Respond to Winter Storms
Recovery from a Winter Storm
Cold Stress Safety Tips

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Grainger Online SafetyManager Tools and Content

Grainger can help you manage these and other safety risks more efficiently and cost-effectively with easy-to-use online tools and content provided by Grainger Online SafetyManager, including Audits & Checklists, Written Programs, Policies & Procedures and both Online and Instructor-Led Training Content.

Cold Stress Training: PowerPoint’s
Cold Stress Training: Safety Meetings
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Cold Stress for General Industry
Cold Stress for Construction
PowerPoint Training Presentations
Cold Stress

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