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GHS Compliance

GHS Hazard Communication

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Confused About GHS?

New rules that went into effect Dec. 1, 2013 require your employees to be trained on the Globally Harmonized System chemical labeling requirements and safety data sheet format. Three more GHS phase-in dates will follow before the transition is complete. Grainger has the products, services and resources to help you cut through the confusion and comply with these hazard communication standards.


5 Things you need to Know - Answers to frequently asked questions

Important Dates -Globally Harmonized System
Get Ready for GHS Information Center
GHS Comes to Life

Here’s a quick visual of important GHS facts and information. You can also save and print out this infographic for reference.

Watch GHS Comes to Life Video
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Meet the Experts

Grainger's Kelli Baker gives an overview of GHS, what it means, and why training is an important first step.

Watch Meet the Expert Video - Meet Kelli Baker

Meet the Experts

Listen to Wes Maertz, Certified Safety Professional, talk about GHS and what Grainger can do to help you prepare.

Watch Meet the Expert Video - Listen to Wes Maertz

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What you need for GHS Compliance

Let us help you prepare your facility for GHS with training materials, identification products and services that will help keep your hazard communication program up–to–date and compliant with the new rules.


Training Materials & Kits

Training from some of the most respected safety training brands in the industry.




Non-Sparking Tools to Comply with Hazcom Labeling

Learn More

Get even more details about GHS and the products you can use to improve your hazard communication program.


Training & Services


Grainger can help you manage these and other safety risks more efficiently and cost-effectively with easy-to-use online tools and content provided by Grainger Online SafetyManager, including Audits & Checklists, Written Programs, Policies & Procedures and both Online and Instructor-Led Training Content.
Written Programs
Hazard Communication Program for General Industry
Hazardous Substances Plan for General Industry
Hazard Communication for Construction Program
Hazardous Substances Plan for Construction
Laboratory Safety Program

Policies and Procedures
Hazard Communication Policy
Laboratory Procedures

Safety Meetings
Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for General Industry
Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for Construction
Hazard Communications for General Industry
Hazard Communications for Construction
Hazardous Materials

Safety Checklists
Hazard Communication Program
Hazard Communication: Employee Information and Training
Hazard Communication: General Requirements
Hazard Communication: Labels
Hazard Communication: Material Safety Data Sheets
Hazard Communication: Written Hazard Communication Plan
Hazardous Waste Operations

Online Training Courses
GHS: Understanding Safety Data Sheets?GHS: Understanding the New Labels
Hazard Communication for Construction Employees
Hazard Communication for General Industry Employees
Hazard Communication for Healthcare Employees
Hazard Communication for Laboratory Employees
Hazard Communication for Manufacturing Employees
Hazard Communication for Petroleum Industry
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