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Wheel Weights

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Assortment,Pass/Lt Truck Empty,
Balancing Formula,Drop F,3 oz,PK40
Wheel Weight,FNZ Srs,15g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,FNZ Srs,20g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,FNZ Srs,25g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,Coated,1 Oz.,PK25
Wheel Weight,Coated,1.25 Oz.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Weight,1280 Piece,0.25 Oz.
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,55g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,20g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,35g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,FNZ Srs,10g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,Coated,0.75 Oz.,PK25
Wheel Weight,PZU Srs,1.50 Oz,PK25
Adhesive Wheel Weight,0.25 Oz,PK52
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,50g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,15g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,30g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,60g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,Coated,0.50 Oz.,PK25
Wheel Weight,PZU Srs,1.25 Oz,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,45g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,10g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,25g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,PZU Srs,1 Oz.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Wght.,CUZ Srs,40g.,PK25
Adhsv Wheel Weight,CUZ Srs,5g.,PK25
Wheel Weight,PZU Srs,0.75 Oz,PK25
Wheel Weight,PZU Srs,0.50 Oz,PK25
Wheel Weight,PZU Srs,0.25 Oz,PK25
Wheel Wght,TN Srs Coated,2.25 Oz.,PK25
Wheel Wght,TN Srs Coated,2.50 Oz.,PK25
Results per page: 16 | 32 | 48

Professional auto repair shops use wheel weights to help balance tires for a smoother ride. You’ll know your car needs professional wheel balancing when it starts to vibrate at speeds, typically between 50 and 70 mph. Wheel weights are used to compensate for the imbalance. Grainger stocks hundreds of varieties to fit every make, model, and style of tire. Clip-on, T-Style weights are available in packages of 50. Ensure your auto repair shop and technicians have the tools they need to keep vehicles running smooth with Grainger’s full line of auto mechanic supplies.