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Cleaning Cloths

Keep your janitorial supplies well stocked with the most important tools of all - cleaning wipes and rags. Cleaning rags and office cleaning wipes can help you keep your workplace clean. From disinfecting wipes and body and hand wipes to more specialized cleaning products like gym equipment wipes, shop towels and cloth rags, Grainger Industrial Supply has all the cleaning wipes you're looking for. Shop our selection of commercial cleaning wipes and cleaning rags now.


Dry Wipes – Disposable

Dry Wipes - Disposable

Extended Use:
Great alternative to shop towels and rags. Use with solvents, oil- and water-based liquids, and metal shavings.

Limited Use: Pick up grease and grime; remove soil and liquids from hands.

Single Use: Ideal for small liquid spills and leaks, plus cleaning glass, tile and counters.
For use on light lubricants and solvents.

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Wet Wipes – Antimicrobial

Wet Wipes - Antimicrobial

Diluted with cleaning chemicals. For use on a variety of surfaces.
Remove germs on contact, helping prevent bacteria growth.

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Lint-free and low-linting options are super absorbent and launderable. Come in bulk packaging for a variety of uses: wiping, polishing, buffing and dusting.

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Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Cloths

For general-purpose cleaning, including tough jobs and on delicate surfaces. Leave no residual lint, streaks or scratches. Launderable.

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