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Machine Safety Solutions

Our scalable and cost-effective Schneider Electric machine safety products-from standalone safety monitoring to integrated safety controls-help minimize employee risks and improve machine performance.

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Preventa XPS Safety Relays
Preventa XPS safety relays are compact modules which help allow machine operation only when all safety controls are functioning properly.

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Preventa XPSMC Safety Controller
Designed to help monitor multiple safety functions within an application simultaneously, a single Preventa XPSMC controller is capable of replacing up to 20 safety relays on a control panel.

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Safety Interlock Switches The Preventa XCS safety interlock switches help protect personnel by verifying that doors, gates and guards are closed before a process can start.

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Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switches Preventa XCSDM non-contact safety interlock switches help perform the same functions as standard mechanical safety interlock switches, but are designed to be used where no contact is desired between the switch and its actuating key.

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Light CurtainsPreventa XUSL light curtains help provide point-of-operation protection around industrial machinery or perimeter guarding of large areas without the need for traditional gates or guards.

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Cable Pull SwitchesThe Preventa XY2 cable pull switches help enable an emergency stop to be signaled at any point along a cable up to 165 ft. in length.

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